About Taurant

Taurant Projects Ltd (TPL) is an engineering, procurement and construction company focusing on cross country oil, gas and water pipelines (having laid upto 50kms pipeline in a single project), city gas pipeline, civil infrastructure, processing of municipal solid waste, renewable energy generation and horizontal directional drilling having its own fleet of HDD rigs ranging from 100T to 550T capacity along with specialised rock tools having executed HDD crossings upto 1500m and 30" OD.

Having over 25 years of experience in the industry, We at Taurant Projects Limited gear up to meet challenges by adapting advanced sophisticated equipment's and advanced managements techniques in the execution of traditional as well as modern technology projects.

The company maintains good working atmosphere.  In corporate office, coordination cell monitors the projects as well as extends full support in execution of projects for various activities.

Expedition, Quality assurance and control is also monitored and controlled from corporate office. Periodical visits are made by personnel form corporate office, coordination cell to project sites and if required outside agencies are also involved for this purpose.  Project sites are managed by project Managers supported by Engineers of various fields such as QC-QA, welding/Piping , mechanical, civil, structural, electrical, instrumentation and safety, PERT, Time management, cost control and Quality of work are given prime importance.