City Gas Distribution(CGD)

CGD system is a pipeline system for the transport of gas and its distribution among consumers. The distribution system includes gas distribution mains and service lines. The pressure is regulated in the system and is usually designed as closed ring or loop systems, to ensure uninterrupted gas supply. City Gas Distribution (CGD) is a growing business sector and it aims to provide an uninterrupted supply of gas to domestic, commercial and industrial customers in the form of pipelined natural gas

This concept provides that a household could be self-contained as gas users to meet its all energy needs at one go that means once the gas supply is switched on, all these services can be secured which are all gas based of course selectively or need based. In the commercial sector, city gas is found to be very useful in applications like cooking, air conditioning, power generation. The concept of Combined Heat & Power (CHP) is getting popular in India wherein the system has much higher thermal efficiency as compared to other conventional services.