List of other Projects undertake

Over the past 25 years, TPL has diversified into the following job categories, including:

Laying of Long Distance Pipelines

Laying of Long Distance Pipelines for Oil & Gas along with Station Works, Civil Works, Electrical, Mechanical etc.

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

Cross country pipeline laying using Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) method.


City Gas Distribution networks.


EPC/LSTK Including Design

Design & Construction of Municipal Solid Waste Processing Plants.

Construction of MSW

Construction of MSW & Hazardous Waste Engineering Secured Landfill Sites.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy generation from MSW.


Plant Piping

Plant piping and mechanical works.

External & Internal protection

External & Internal protection of pipe by different coatings as specified.

Insulation of piping

Insulation of piping, valves, Tankages etc.



Electrical & Instrumentation works.


Environmental Projects – MSW processing

Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure Projects


Civil & Structural work

Civil & Structural work associated with piping terminals, stations & pipeline.

Laying of PE & GI piping

Laying of PE & GI piping for city gas distribution of industrial & residential consumers.